Get to know ONE software


ONE’s software is designed with our customers in mind, allowing you to set the production parameters according to your needs. It features a range of controls, each optimized for different production aspects, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in your operations.


Scraping impeller speed control

The impeller speed can be adjusted according to the contamination level of the processed material. For very clean material, the pulse mode can be used, engaging the scraper automatically when the pressure inside the filter reaches the preset value.

Discharge valve opening control

The discharge valve opening control, equipped with a timer, allows you to set the time interval between each valve opening. This precise control over the discharge process enables optimal management of material flow, enhancing system efficiency.

3 zones of temperature control

ONE features three zones of temperature control: the material input zone, cover zone, and material output zone. The precise temperature control ensures optimal conditions for the filtration process, enhancing efficiency and output quality.

Programmable heating with timer

The software includes programmable heating with a timer, allowing you to schedule the heating to activate remotely. This eliminates the need for operator intervention, providing convenience and flexibility in managing the heating process.

2 zones of pressure control

The self-cleaning filter features a pressure control system with two zones: one at the material inlet and the other at the outlet. This dual-zone pressure control ensures efficient operation and optimal performance throughout the filtration process.

Operation settings can be saved

ONE’s control panel enables you to save settings for productions using the same processed material. These settings can later be easily accessed and applied, streamlining workflow and ensuring consistency in output.

Remote connection

Break Machinery technicians can remotely access the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). This allows them to modify machine parameters as if they were on-site, enabling convenience and swift troubleshooting of machine performance.


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