Automatic self-cleaning filtering system
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Automatic self-cleaning filtering system

Ease of management
ONE is suitable for the production of: Recycling granules, polymerisation granules, masterbatch and compound granules, adhesives (Hot Melt).
ONE has been designed to the highest quality standards and has passed the most stringent production tests on various types of equipment, ensuring excellent filtering performance.
The careful study of mechanisms, materials and the filtration chamber is the engineering element that has enabled us to achieve our standards.
L (mm) H (mm) W (mm)
ONE 400 2500 2200 1100
ONE 500 2500 2200 1200
ONE 600 2600 2300 1300
ONE 700 2700 2500 1400
BreakMachinery Technical ONE

Break Machinery ONE video

Automatic continuous self-cleaning filter for plastic compound video

Main Components

BreakMachinery Main Components
Steel breaker and screen
The scraping operation mode uses a thick steel breaker coupled with a thinner breaker (Optional), and an interchangeable steel screen (punched or laser micro-perforated) for filtrations from 60 to 2000 microns.
Touch screen displays
ONE can be customized with touch screen displays, agreeing with the customer the graphic layout and the desired reading parameters.
Spacer and scraper
A spacer allows the scraper blades to work at the right distance from the screen so as not to damage it.
ONE can be connected with the company’s 4.0 communication network. The machine is prepared for assembly according to the Customer’s needs, with inlet and outlet flanges.


Increased production
Increased production thanks to the automatic cleaning of the filter changer and the absence of traditional interruptions due to operator filter changes.
The construction process, from design to the choice of materials and assembly in our factories guarantees the highest quality product in terms of performance and durability.
Simplicity of operation
The simplicity of its construction allows ordinary and extraordinary maintenance directly at the customer’s premises, reducing downtime to a minimum.
The continuous filtering system maximises line productivity, compared to traditional cassette systems.
The efficiency of the cleaning system in continuous mode results in longer utilisation of the laser filter, with a consequent reduction in the purchase of consumables.
The ONE automatic continuous flow filter optimises the filtration of impurities without compromising line productivity by reducing production waste.

BreakMachinery Machine Body

Operating Principle

ONE Operating Principle step 1

The extruder pushes the contaminated plastic material into the ONE filter changer.

ONE Operating Principle step 2

A punched or laser-drilled steel filter, with the filter capacity chosen by the customer, removes impurities from the plastic material.

ONE Operating Principle step 3

The filtered and purified material leaves the ONE filter changer for further processing.

ONE Operating Principle step 4

All impurities are collected inside the scraper and automatically discharged through the discharge valve.

Technical characteristics

Filtering surfaces
The filter surfaces ensure that pressure variations are handled with precision to avoid altering the flow of plastic material.
Process stability is ensured by the automatic control of the filter mechanisms.
Waste management
Waste material is easily handled, with automatic shearing of the material and depositing it on the ground or on a special emptying container.
Simplicity of use
The simplicity and solidity of construction make the system optimal for the safety of operators during routine maintenance operations.

ONE 400 ONE 500 ONE 600 ONE 700
Filter diameter (mm) Ø 400 Ø 500 Ø 600 Ø 700
Surface (cm2) 1206 1916 2783 3807
Laser filter micron: from 60 to 300
mesh: from 230 to 50
Punched filter micron: from 400 to 2000
mesh: from 40 to 10
Metallic mesh filter controflusso:
micron: from 60 to 2000
mesh: from 230 to 10
Filtered materials PP / LDPE /LLDPE / HDPE


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