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Passion for plastics processing, desire for innovation and a desire for a more sustainable future are the founding values of Break Machinery.

We want to become the point of reference for the sector’s regenerators and compounders, driven by the desire to continue investing in Research and Development to achieve ever higher levels of excellence.

Our knowledge of polymers and our expertise in the mechanical field put us in the best position to develop plants and machinery with superior performance, capable of adding value to the processing of plastic materials, not only for the final quality of the regenerated material, but also for the efficiency of the recycling process.

Our experience at your service

Starting from an understanding of your needs and objectives, our staff will propose the most suitable solution to improve the productivity of your lines, taking care on site of all the assembly, plant start-up and testing phases, guaranteeing assistance and maintenance throughout the life of the plant.

At our test area you can see our machines and products working, as if they were integrated into your own remanufacturing line: the best way to experience first-hand the competitive advantages that Break can give you.