Constant pressure filtering system


Constant pressure self-cleaning filter system

Minimal waste
Suitable for highly contaminated materials
Constant pressure operation
This is a double filter system operating at constant pressure for high process stability, which allows maximum productivity while ensuring high product quality.
The design of the scraper disc and the innovative screw discharge system allow the fast and controlled removal of contamination and the reduction of waste quantity.
Filtering surface area [cm2] 1750
Heating zones 6+1
Max. pressure [bar] 350
Max. flow rate [kg/h]1 3000
Weight [kg] 1800
Total installed power [kW] 30
Filtration [µm] 60-2000
(1) The flow rate depends on various factors: the melt viscosity, the degree of filtration, the type of contaminant and its percentage, the production line.
Breakmachinery Tecnical Data DUO

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Technical features

Continuous filtration
DUO guarantees to work in continuous way and at constant pressure.
Single independent discharge screw
Contamination collected by both filter surfaces is discharged by means of a single independent screw, which is able to carry out the contamination.
Filters replacement
DUO is designed to make maintenance operations and filter replacement easier and faster, without removing machine’s components.
Double filter
DUO uses two filters. This makes it possible to reduce the size of the filtration chamber and have large filtering surfaces, in order to increase the production volume.

Breakmachinery DUO screw

The ability to adjust the speed of the discharge screw allows even the most contaminated materials to be handled according to the customer’s requirements.
DUO is designed for the filtration of various types of plastics. It is designed to handle different types of contamination such as: paper, wood, aluminium, copper, etc…
DUO and all its components, as well as the consumables, are manufactured using high quality alloy steels and wearresistant treatments are carried out on the most stressed parts. It is also designed to guarantee high resistance to pressures line (up to 350 bar).

Breakmachinery DUO screw

Cleaning efficiency
The unique design of the indipended scraper disc, equipped with 6 blades, allow excellent cleaning, even at low rotation speed.

Its design also prevents contaminants filtrates from re-entering the melt.

Continuous cleaning allows to use filters longer than traditional technologies.

Amount of contaminants
DUO can be used to filter materials with high percentages of contaminants (up to 15% by weight depending on the type of pollutant).
Laser filtration
Filter discs are drilled using the latest laser technology and treated to be wear resistant.

The conical shape of the holes helps the plastic to go through them.

Economic Advantages

The efficency of the continuos cleaning system, increase the life cycle of filters, reducing the amount of consumable components to be purchased.
The continuous pressure filtration system maximises the productivity of the line.
Minimum waste
The screw rotates independently of the scraper disc. In this way the waste can be minimised depending on the contamination.
Innovative design reduces cleaning and replacement times for filters and blades.

The presence of the operator is reduced considerably.

Standard and special maintenance operations are simple, fast and can be carried out directly at the customer’s production site.

The possibility of adjusting the indipendent discharging screw of the speed of the scraper disc, helps the managing of highly contaminated materials.

Breakmachinery DUO Filter

Scraping operation

DUO Operating Principle

DUO: high filtering efficiency

The melted plastic material (1) is conveyed into the filtration chamber (2) and passes through two filters (3) facing each other.

DUO Operating Principle

Between the two filters is a scraper disc (4), equipped with interchangeable blades, which rotates to remove the contamination deposited on the filters by channelling it into the disc itself (5).

The centre of the scraper disc is in communication with an independent discharge screw (6) that expels the contaminated material.

The melted plastic material filtered (7) from the two filters then rejoins the outlet channel (8) to pass on to the next process.

Automatic opening system

DUO Principio funzionamento

DUO is also available with an automatic opening system that makes opening and closing lid’s operations easier, faster and safer.

This system consists of a threaded lid that screws directly onto the machine body, and by a drive which controls both the screwing and the translation of the cover.

These two movements occur simultaneously thanks to a mechanism and a special clutch that allows the screw and nut to couple during the closing phase.

DUO Principio funzionamento

Operation is activated via a single selector switch located on the front of the DUO.

With this system the time required to open and close the cover is reduced, as it is no longer necessary to loosen and tighten the bolts manually; the operator’s work is therefore easier and much safer.

Back-flushing operation

DUO Principio funzionamento

The back-flush mode is suitable for materials with a low percentage of contamination.

Each machine can switch from scraping mode to back-flush mode simply by changing the kit of internal components.

Furthermore, in case of, back-flush no laser or punched filters are necessary anymore.

Only metallic mesh filter.

DUO Principio funzionamento

The plastic material (1) is conveyed inside the filtration chamber (2) and goes through two metal mesh (3) facing each other, both of which are positioned between two breakers: one supporting (4) and a protective one (5).

Supporting the two protective breakers is a cleaner (6) which sucks up the contamination (7) settled on the metal mesh.

The centre of the cleaner is in communication with an independent discharge screw (8) that ejects the contaminated material.

The filtered melted material (9) then rejoins into the outlet channel (10) to pass to the next process.


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