Constant pressure filtering system
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Constant pressure filtering system

Minimal waste
Suitable for highly contaminated materials
Constant pressure operation
A passion for recycling, observation of solutions on the market and listening to customers created the basis for the development of the DUO.
DUO is positioned in the top range among automatic machines for continuous filtering at constant pressure.
It is a double filter system that achieves maximum productivity while guaranteeing high product quality.
The geometry of the scraper disc and the innovative discharge system allow contamination to be removed in a rapid and controlled manner, and reduce the amount of waste.
Filtering surface area [cm2] 1750
Heating zones 6+1
Max. pressure [bar] 350
Max. flow rate [kg/h]1 3000
Weight [kg] 1800
Total installed power [kW] 30
Filtration [µm] 60-2000
(1) The flow rate depends on various factors: the melt viscosity, the degree of filtration, the type of contaminant and its percentage, the production line.
Breakmachinery Tecnical Data DUO

Technical Advantages

Continuous filtration
The operating principle of DUO guarantees the possibility of working in continuous mode and at constant pressure.
Double filter
DUO uses two filters. This makes it possible to reduce the size of the filter chamber and to have large filter surfaces.
Cleaning efficiency
The special geometry of the 6-blade rotating scraper disc enables excellent cleaning even at low rotational speeds.
Single discharge screw
Impurities are discharged by means of a single screw capable of conveying the collected impurities from both filter surfaces.
Breakmachinery DUO screw
The DUO is designed for the filtration of various types of plastics. It is designed to handle different types of contamination such as: paper, wood, aluminium, copper, etc…
DUO is manufactured using high quality alloy steel and anti-wear treatments are carried out on the most stressed parts. It is also designed to guarantee high resistance to line pressures (up to 350 bar).
Filter replacement
DUO is designed to facilitate maintenance and filter replacement without having to dismantle machine parts.
The possibility of adjusting the speed of the discharge screw allows even the most contaminated materials to be handled according to customer requirements.
Percentage of impurities
DUO can be used to filter materials with high percentages of impurities (up to 15% by weight depending on the type of contamination).

Economic Advantages

The continuous filtering system with constant pressure maximises line productivity.
The efficiency of the continuous mode cleaning system extends the life of the laser filter, resulting in less consumable purchases.
Minimal waste
The screw rotates independently of the scraper disc. This allows waste to be minimised depending on contamination.
The innovative design reduces cleaning and replacement times for filter and blades. The presence of the operator is significantly reduced. Routine and extraordinary maintenance operations are also simple, fast and can be carried out directly at the customer’s production site.
The possibility of adjusting the discharge screw, independent of the speed of the scraper disc, facilitates the treatment of highly contaminated materials.
Breakmachinery DUO Filter

Operating Principle

DUO Operating Principle
DUO: high filtering efficiencyThe melted plastic material (1) is conveyed into the filtration chamber (2) and passes through two filters (3) facing each other.

DUO Operating Principle
Between the two filters is a scraper disc (4), equipped with interchangeable blades, which rotates to remove the contamination deposited on the filters by channelling it into the disc itself (5).The centre of the scraper disc is in communication with an independent discharge screw (6) that expels the contaminated material.

The melted plastic material filtered (7) from the two filters then rejoins the outlet channel (8) to pass on to the next process.

Technical Characteristics

Double filter area
DUO is equipped with two perforated discs (breakers), thus increasing the filter area and production volume.
Innovative scraper disc
The scraper disc, placed between the two filters, has blades on both sides and rotates to remove contamination from both surfaces. Its innovative geometry prevents filtered contaminants from re-entering the molten plastic. The filter surfaces are constantly cleaned, allowing them to be used for longer periods, compared to traditional technologies.
Quality of components
All components and consumables of the DUO are made of high-quality materials to ensure high wear resistance.
Breammachinery DUO scraper disc
Laser filtration
The laser filter in the operation of the DUO is crucial. The filter discs are drilled using the latest laser technology and treated for wear resistance. The conical shape of the holes facilitates the passage of melt.


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