DUO Scraping vs Back-flushing mode

DUO is designed to easily switch between 2 operating modes by simply replacing internal components. Compare DUO’s Scraping and Back-flushing modes to determine which best fits your production needs.

1 Scraping mode
Scraping mode
In Scraping mode, DUO uses 2 laser or punched screens, placed in front of two supporting breakers, with a scraper disk as the core of the operation. The scraper disk, equipped with six blades, rotates to remove contamination from the screens and expel it into the independent discharge screw. Simultaneously, the clean plastic material passes through the outlet channel to the next process.
2 Backflushing mode
Back-flushing mode
The Back-flushing mode is ideal for materials with low percentage contamination. In this mode, DUO uses 2 metal mesh screens positioned between 2 sets of supporting and protective breakers. At the core of this operation is the cleaner, designed to collect the contamination settled on the metal mesh and direct it into the discharge screw.


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