Download the new DUO brochure


At Break Machinery, we are constantly improving our products to achieve higher filtering performance and production output.

In line with this commitment, we have updated our DUO brochure to provide essential details about its constant pressure self-cleaning system. Additionally, we introduce two new DUO configurations designed to double your production output.


In the new brochure, you will learn more about:

  • The features and advantages of the DUO constant pressure self-cleaning system,
  • Detailed DUO specifications, with explanations of each component,
  • Features of the control panel,
  • Types of screens that can be used,
  • Field of application, including compatibility with recycling lines and the types of plastic it can recycle,
  • The Scraping operation, suitable for high-percentage contamination,
  • The new DUO 5600 and 7000 TWIN configurations for continuous production,
  • Back-flushing operation, suitable for low-percentage contamination,
  • Automatic opening system, for easier, faster, and safer opening and closing.

As a special highlight, the new brochure showcases 2 new DUO configurations: DUO 5600 and 7000 TWIN, designed to double your output by continuous production and screen change without downtime.


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