5 main advantages of DUO


DUO is a filter machine that offers numerous advantages over other automatic or manual filtration systems. Its cleaning system in continuous automatic mode and the constant pressure operation guarantee high filtering efficiency and increased productivity, even with heavily contaminated materials. Here are 5 reasons why you should include it in your recycling line.


Double filter system

DUO is equipped with a dual filter. This allows for a smaller filtration chamber and simultaneous collection of contamination on two filter surfaces, increasing production volume.

Continuous filtration

DUO’s continuous filtration system operates at constant pressure, ensuring uninterrupted workflow and up to 20% greater efficiency in transforming highly contaminated plastic waste into clean material, compared to valve systems.

Improved cleaning performance

DUO features a 6-blade scraper disk that simultaneously cleans two screen surfaces, and prevents contamination from re-entering the melt. This results in improved filtering efficiency, even at low rotation speeds.

Minimal waste

With the independent discharge screw, impurities are expelled without disrupting the extrusion process. Its speed can be adjusted based on contamination levels, resulting in up to 45 % less waste compared to valve systems.

Reduced labor

DUO offers an optional automatic opening system for the lid, that can be activated with a simple button press. This streamlines lid opening and filter replacement, reducing operator involvement and enhancing safety.