Recycle 20% more plastic with the DUO constant pressure filter changer


DUO is an innovative machine in terms of sustainability. It recycles more than 20% more plastic waste per hour than the valve system.

DUO is the latest evolution of Break Machinery, designed for continuous filtration of contaminated material. Equipped with an innovative discharge screw, Break DUO maintains constant outlet pressure levels without interfering with the extrusion machine’s production process.

Unlike traditional valve unloading systems, DUO creates an uninterrupted workflow, transforming larger quantities of highly contaminated plastic waste into a material of the highest quality and superior performance.

DUO can increase the efficiency of various extrusion systems.

It is compatible with production lines connected to granulators, both traditional and underwater, and with sheet thermoforming systems.

It is suitable for blow-molding lines and filming systems.

It can also be connected to traditional or strand granulators.


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