Video – How DUO’s back-flushing system works


DUO is an innovative filtering machine equipped with 2 operating modes: continuous scraping and back-flushing of contaminated material. DUO can switch from one mode to another by simply changing the kit of internal components.

The back-flushing mode is suitable for filtering low-percent contamination. Unlike the scraping operation, it does not require laser or punched filters and uses metallic mesh filters instead.

The back-flushing filtering process works as follows:
1. The plastic material is conveyed inside the filtration chamber and passed through 2 metal mesh filters, each positioned between 2 breakers,
2. The cleaner between the breakers collects the contamination deposited on the metal mesh,
3. The cleaner is connected to the discharge screw that ejects the contaminated material,
4. The filtered melt is released into the outlet channels and passed on to the next process.

We made a video that explains DUO’s back-flushing feature – watch and see how it works.