Two filtering modes in ONE


ONE is a recycling machine capable of working in 2 filtering modes: scraping and back-flushing. Switching between the 2 processes is easy and can be done in only a few minutes by replacing only 3 filtering components.


Components: thick steel breaker, second breaker, screen filter, spacer, and scraper

The scraping operating mode is used with screen filters, for filtrations of up to 80 microns.

As the contaminated material is pushed into the screen changer, the pressure rises. Once it reaches the level set by the operator on the control pane, the cleaning cycle is automatically activated.

The rotating scraper starts to clean the surface of the screen, collecting the impurities inside, and automatically ejecting them through the discharge valve.


Components: thick steel breaker, second breaker, mesh filter, protective breaker, and cleaner

The back-flushing operating mode is used with mesh filters, for filtrations from 80 to 400 microns.

The change from the scraping to back-flushing mode is made in a few minutes by replacing 3 components: a wire mesh filter, a protective breaker, and a cleaner that replaces the scraper.

When the pressure set by the operator is reached, the discharge valve opens automatically. At the same time, the cleaner starts to rotate and discharge the impurities through the valve.


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