ONE scraper: clean and collect contaminants at once

ONE’s design is based on streamlining the filtering process for high efficiency, reduced waste, and increased production. The ONE scraper exemplifies this approach by performing 2 jobs at once.


The scraper is a component positioned in front of the screen, separated from it by a spacer. When contaminated material enters the chamber and the pressure reaches the level set by the operator, the scraper begins to rotate and execute 2 essential functions simultaneously:
ONE scraper 1
1. Screen cleaning
As pressure builds, the two steel blades on the scraper’s sides clean the surface of the screen from deposited impurities.
ONE scraper 2
2. Collecting contaminants
While cleaning the screen, the scraper also collects contaminants and automatically expels them through the discharge valve.

The dual functionality of the ONE scraper simplifies and accelerates the filtration process, leading to higher productivity and less than 1% waste.